ank display

Company Information
2014 Attended at ICE in London
  Attended at ELECTRONICA in Munich
  Extension of  UHD controller board as a leader
  Started to release electron microscope to new industry of market
  Annual sales turn over USD 5 million
2013 Attended at ICE in London
  Contract to provide customized plotting table to Navy in Saudi Arabia
  Be awarded for 5 million exporting top
2012 Attended at AGE IN Sydney
  Attended at ICE in London
  Enlargement of business area to various market
  including gaming, digital signage, military, medical
  with QHD solution
  Exclusive distributor contract for embedded solution with SECO in ITALY
  Annual sales turnover USD 3.9 million
2011 Attended at ICE in London
   Attended at AGE in Sydney
  Extension of product line up with digital signage supported resized and high brightness panel
  Annual sales turn over USD 4.5 million
2010 Attended at AGE in Sydney
  Attended at Electronica in Munich
  Started to provide customized LCD open frame to IGT, KORNAMI, ARISTOCRAT for refurbish market
  Annual sales turn over USD 4 million
2009 Established A and K Display Co., Ltd.
  Lined up own total LCD solution
(customized open frame, LED driver, CCFL inverter, AD board, cables)
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